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I remember a storm that hit my region on Memorial Day in 1995. There was a tornado confirmed nearby in Burlington County(~35 miles to the west), but we did have quarter-sized hail in my town of Toms River.  After that day I was hooked on watching The Weather Channel from sunup until sundown(obviously I went to school-my mom would never let me stay home unless I was really sick!). I got my first taste at forecasting when I was in middle school. I was part of the "Weather Club" at Toms River Intermediate East, giving forecasts on the PA system every morning. In my junior year of high school I took a television production class. I was working on a project with a classmate on linear editing and we found the director's cut of the final product. We obviously got in trouble for using it and my punishment was to stay after school every day for a week to re-edit the project. This actually benefited me as the school's TV station needed an extra set of hands to shoot various school athletic games and in-studio shows after school. I found my niche in camera operating, and then I was able to assist in the post-production as well.  My senior year was amazing when I was accepted into the broadcast journalism class(the prerequisite was taking the television production class and then a recommendation from the teacher) and became a huge part of the school's channel, TV-21. It was then when I knew I wanted to become an on-air meteorologist. 

     I have an associate's degree in General Education(Science concentration) from Ocean County College and then transferred to Kean University to earn my Bachelors of Science in Earth Science(Meteorology concentration). While at Kean I assisted in building the meteorology department's first ever broadcast weather show "Keancast", which was launched in 2007. Most of the ideas for the show's content came from my interning experience at now-defunct NBC40(WMGM-TV, Atlantic City, NJ). I was able to learn from Meteorologist Dan Skeldon about what went into a forecast, as well as gaining knowledge on how a news station operates. Not only did I help out in the weather center, but I also offered to go on shoots, help out in the control room, and even answered the phones! I had a blast and wished that the summer never had to end.....but of course, it did and I graduated from Kean University in Spring 2008. I went back to school in June 2011 to pursue a Masters in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University and graduated in August 2013. 

I previously worked at FM News 101.9(WEMP-FM) in New York City and also provided weather forecasts for sister station IQ 106.9(WWIQ-FM) in Philadelphia; now both of those stations are defunct, but the memories shall last forever! Radio was fun, but TV is where I wanted to be! In late 2016 I was offered a weekend meteorologist position at Fox 40 WICZ in Binghamton, NY. And you thought I had a face for radio....




I would drive between three and a half to four hours(isn't that crazy?) to work weekends, but I also owe Mick Dwyer a HUGE thanks for letting me crash in his guest bedroom on the weekends to save on gas, tolls, & lodging! 


This webpage was created to now only show off my talents, but first and foremost to keep my social media followers abreast on the weather along the Jersey Shore, NYC, Philly, and also the Southern Tier!  

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